World’s Best Airlines for in-Flight Meals

We can all agree that airplane food is generally horrible. But there are a few airlines that could serve delicious food made by selected chefs from restaurants with Michelin stars. Here are a few of these airlines:

  • Emirates

The Emirates provides excellent dining experience for First Class and Business Class guests. Flying first class, you get to enjoy a seven-course meal in private. But it does not stop here, even economy passengers on some aircrafts can enjoy slices of smoked tuna with vegetable salad on the side. It is a royal treatment for all passengers.

  • Swiss International Airlines

First-class flyers can dine in style as they can order amazing dishes from gourmet restaurants. But this treatment is not limited to first-class passengers– business and economy class passengers are also able to taste delicious dishes that the airlines offer.

  • Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific is known as the first airline to have skillets, toasters and rice cookers on board. Chinese dishes are often carefully selected and finely cooked for all passengers.

  • Qatar Airways

For the Business and First Class menus, celebrity chefs (Vineet Bhatia, Ramzi Choueiri, Tom Aikens, and Nobu Matsuhisa) are chosen to create diverse meals. These four chefs take some time to decide and plan these meals as how they should be seasoned and prepared.