Best Airlines for Service and Amenities

If you’re after amenities and service, here’s the list that you’re looking for:

  • Japan Airlines

Japan Airlines offers the warmth and elegance Japan is known for. Its cabins feature a woodgrain interior with storage compartments and personal entertainment screens. Meals are of high standards featuring Japanese and Western Cuisine.

  • Garuda Indonesia

Cabins in Garuda Indonesia airlines are designed as peaceful suites that will make you feel you are not 30000 ft. above sea level. It is equipped with ergonomic seats and high-quality beddings. Meals are served by onboard chefs and are carefully chosen.

  • Asiana

Asiana cabins’ first-class cabins offer privacy by providing sliding doors. Inside is a 32 inch HD screen for an amazing viewing experience. Lighting systems are optimized allowing passengers to enjoy the flight.

  • Qatar Airways

Each suite features ultra-wide seats with very soft fabric and designs which are carefully chosen. Privacy is offered by the central and aisle dividers which can be lowered or raised. Seats are capable of reclining to a full flatbed. Amenities include flight slippers, sleeper suits, and other essentials from the known Giorgio Armani.