How to Be Travel-ready with Your Vape Gear

Traveling is one of the best parts of the human experience. Whether you revisit old places or explore new ones, it gives you a break from your everyday life.

Most of us can enjoy your destinations when we bring a few things that help us relax. While some people take their favorite books with them or stuff their phones and laptops with movies, others bring their vape gear.

If you also enjoy vaping wherever you go, here are Eurovap‘s list of how you can prepare to travel with your vape kit with ease.

First things first

Know the rules, regulations, and policies on vaping of your travel destinations. If you’re traveling within the US, you can check the Public Health Law Center Website to familiarize yourself with the regulations of the different states on the use of e-cigarettes.

If you’re going to other destinations, look for their website on public health, too. If you can’t find one, you can ask for information from relatives or friends who are staying in the area or the people in the accommodations you booked.

What to pack and how

To make sure you don’t forget anything, including something for “damage control” in case of leaks, here’s a list of what you should pack:

  • vaping device (something more portable is preferable)
  • vape charger
  • tanks
  • batteries (it’s good to bring extra in case a charging port is not available)
  • coils (bring extra also)
  • a case for your vape kit
  • wipes (to clean off drips or leaks)

Here are tips on how you should pack

  1. Make sure the tank is empty and clean to avoid leaks.
  2. Remove the batteries (if they’re removable) and put them in their case.
  3. Have a separate case for your vape kit that has mini holders to keep all the parts in place, like your extra batteries, extra coils, extra e-liquid containers, etc.
  4. For the e-liquid, you can wrap it in a cloth so it doesn’t spill on everything in case it leaks. One trick used by people when packing liquids is to put a thin plastic on top of a container’s sealing surface before closing the lid.
  5. If you bring multiple e-liquid bottles, wrap them in cloth individually so they don’t smash against each other and break.
  6. Use the original container of your e-liquid to avoid complications.

These tips should be enough when traveling by land or water. Traveling by air, however, requires more.

When traveling via airplane

Things are always a little sensitive when you travel by air. If you don’t want your vape gear confiscated, take note of the following:

Make sure the volume of e-liquid in each container doesn’t exceed the limit of the airport. Some allow for 100 ml, some caps it at 60 ml.

Put your vape kit in your carry-on bag, not in your checked luggage, especially because the TSA doesn’t allow lithium batteries in checked luggage.

Don’t vape inside the airplane; not even in the restroom.

The guidelines mentioned can guarantee you a snag-free travel with your vape gear, but if you find your current gear not suitable for traveling, you can always find a more travel-friendly one. Good luck and safe travels!