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Dry Flower

When cannabis plants are dried and hanged upside down for preservation, buds already containing tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) would either turn out to be sticky or dry – the latter outcome is what is popularly known as dry herb or dry flower.
A dry flower is basically a portion of a cannabis plant that has been methodically cured and dried; thus, it is the sort that is ready to smoke when rolled into a joint.
Compared to its sticky counterpart, the dry flower is relatively cheaper as it contains lesser trichomes or hairy features that produce cannabinoids and terpenes. Despite this, the dry herb is still widely purchased due …

Cannabis Oil

If you’re someone who needs more variety outside of conventional smoking, the cannabis oil is just the thing you need!
Cannabis oils, extracts, or concentrates are the products of a solvent extraction process where plant resins are separated from the flower. The cannabis oil – also known as phoenix tears, honey oil, dabs, and a whole lot more – comes in various types just as its name is many. There’s CBD oil, THC oil, and there are also ones that could be ingested or vaporized in different ways.
Whether used in capsules, tinctures, hashes, or dabs, cannabis oils are efficient as they don’t consume too much product…




Go New Leaf is a simple way of telling Canada to try a new perspective – to have a change of heart and perspective when it comes to cannabis consumption. There is more to the subject than just its negative connotations, and our organization aims to let people see what that “more” really is.

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What To Pack And Wear When Travelling To Canada

Sheila Case
August 25, 2019

Before visiting Canada, travelers have to consider the type of climate they are going to face. Throughout the year, Canada can be cold, but it still experiences four seasons. That is why it is important to consider as to what month you are taking your flight to determine what kind of weather you will encounter and to avoid packing the wrong custom t shirts Canada and things that are not appropriate during that season.
Upon determining your travel date, it will be easier for you as a tourist to know what to expect and the packing that you will do depends on the days of your stay. …

How to Properly Store Your Cannabis

Sheila Case
August 20, 2019

People who are new to the cannabis industry are still unaware of many things – some even to the point of not knowing what the plant looks like. How, then, are they supposed to know what cannabis should be kept out of?
This makes questions on storage arise during the first few uses, and if you’re a newbie who just came upon the realization that…

How to Properly Clean Your Bong

Sheila Case
July 5, 2019

If a hand pipe needs regular cleaning and maintenance, all the more does the bong. This is especially because aside from the usual resin debris, there is still an extra element that can get stuck within the pipe when left unattended – water.
If left unattended, stuck water can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Science says that microbes generally just need a day to start spawning in used bong water, and you certainly don’t want…

Cannabis Etiquette

Sheila Case
May 1, 2019

If you plan to give cannabis a try, you don’t want to enter such an immense community without being aware of its ‘do’s’ and ‘don’ts’ – you’re a part of a populace after all, and what you do (or do not do) has an effect on the world you’re partaking in.
That said, here are some social etiquette tips you want to keep in mind, especially during any social session:
Avoid Saying ‘Marijuana’ or ‘…

Things to Consider When Buying a Cannabis Hand Pipe

Sheila Case
March 17, 2019

Life was never easy for beginners—even for cannabis newbies. What with the plethora of smoking methods and the different types under each, it would be like entering a labyrinth and not knowing where to go first!
Luckily, Go New Leaf has Cannabis Advisors on standby to give you direction upon telling them your needs and preferences. However, if you cannot physically see one or if you’d prefer to have a background check first, read on…