How to Properly Store Your Cannabis

People who are new to the cannabis industry are still unaware of many things – some even to the point of not knowing what the plant looks like. How, then, are they supposed to know what cannabis should be kept out of?

This makes questions on storage arise during the first few uses, and if you’re a newbie who just came upon the realization that cannabis isn’t evergreen, then here are some basic information you’d want to know:

Don’t Expose it to Light

Your primary enemy when it comes to the degradation of cannabis is light. The plant’s main components, terpenes and cannabinoids, easily get burned up when exposed directly to ultraviolet rays and other light emissions. Without the plant’s distinct chemicals, cannabis would simply lose its identity.

To avoid your precious plant from going to waste, secure it inside opaque containers and store it somewhere cool and dark.

Store them in Air-Tight Containers

Oxygen affects cannabis in two main ways: (1) the higher the oxygen, the faster the degradation; (2) the lower the oxygen, the more that humidity is altered which eventually leads to the formation of moulds and mildews.

To protect your cannabis from oxygen and humidity, store them in air-tight jars or other similar materials that seal easily. You may opt for mason jars or ceramic containers but stay away from tin foil and plastic.

Keep Them in the Right Temperature

Extreme temperatures don’t work well with cannabis as well.

An environment that is too hot for the plant dries out terpenes, leaving it dry and awful-tasting. Freezing environments, on the other hand, could burst trichomes, making your plant lose potency. To address this issue, you could store your cannabis in a cabinet or room that is dark and moderately cool.

Cannabis is a very sensitive plant, so you want to make sure you follow these tips to keep it from losing its quality.

How to Properly Clean Your Bong

If a hand pipe needs regular cleaning and maintenance, all the more does the bong. This is especially because aside from the usual resin debris, there is still an extra element that can get stuck within the pipe when left unattended – water.

If left unattended, stuck water can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Science says that microbes generally just need a day to start spawning in used bong water, and you certainly don’t want them getting inhaled into your lungs if you can prevent it.

Due to that, properly cleaning your bong is necessary. Here are the steps how:

  1. Make sure that you’ve done away with the dirty water before rinsing your bong with warm or hot running water. The hot water, in itself, already helps cleanse and sterilize your bong. Keep in mind, however, that there are still built-up residues to take care of. You must then dutifully swish the water against the chambers of your pipe to completely carry out the rinsing.
  2. The cleaning process is heavily dependent on the bong cleaner that you prefer to use. You could choose from a myriad of commercial solutions available in the market or opt for natural alternatives like rubbing alcohol, vinegar, or lemon juice. Pour an ample amount of your chosen cleaner into the pipe and reinforce it with a spoonful of salt (or more depending on the size of your pipe) to assist with the cleaning.
  3. See to it that your bong’s openings are sealed air-tight before your cleaner gets swirled within the chambers of your pipe. You could use pretty much anything in your house to complete the sealing, but since you have to clean your bong regularly, you might as well buy a cap that you could consistently use during every clean.
  4. Once sealed, soak your cleaning solution for at least five minutes and commence shaking afterwards. Hold your bong firmly and shake it in a thorough manner to make sure that the solution covers all areas. Do this for several minutes to let the cleaner seep into the walls and corners of the bong.

After the shaking process, empty your bong of the used solution and rinse it several times until fully clean. If there are no more traces of the solution inside your pipe, then all that’s left to do is to refill your bong with the liquid of your choice and you’re up and at it again!

Cannabis Etiquette

If you plan to give cannabis a try, you don’t want to enter such an immense community without being aware of its ‘do’s’ and ‘don’ts’ – you’re a part of a populace after all, and what you do (or do not do) has an effect on the world you’re partaking in.

That said, here are some social etiquette tips you want to keep in mind, especially during any social session:

Avoid Saying ‘Marijuana’ or ‘Weed’

Although there are a lot of widely used synonyms for cannabis, Lizzie Post, author of “Higher Etiquette”, asserts that getting rid of social stigma starts by using politically-correct terms. “Marijuana”, according to her, has already had many negative connotations attached to it; plus, it is not a scientific term. “Weed”, on another note, comes out as disrespectful to the people who think highly of the plant. To prevent conflict, you might as well use the preferred term: “cannabis”.

Don’t Be a Mooch

Don’t be someone who always receives but never gives. Cannabis is hardly ever free, so be a team player and pitch in every once in a while; otherwise, you might end up getting into serious trouble. Remember, smokers may come out as generally chill people, but they have limits too.

Follow the “Puff-Puff-Pass” System; Don’t “Bogart”

“Bogarting”, a term attributed to a user named Humphrey Bogart, refers to the act of letting a joint burn down to waste by not smoking it. This could happen due to many possible reasons, but the most common is when smokers get carried away with their stories and forget to pass the dutchie. To avoid this, just puff your share and pass the joint to the left-hand side to keep the rotation running smoothly.

Things to Consider When Buying a Cannabis Hand Pipe

Life was never easy for beginners—even for cannabis newbies. What with the plethora of smoking methods and the different types under each, it would be like entering a labyrinth and not knowing where to go first!

Luckily, Go New Leaf has Cannabis Advisors on standby to give you direction upon telling them your needs and preferences. However, if you cannot physically see one or if you’d prefer to have a background check first, read on and get enlightened with a few useful tips to help you have a smooth and easy start.

The following are four main considerations that beginners – or even experienced smokers – should be aware of in order to find the perfect hand pipe:


Hand pipes are usually made of blown glass; however, they could also be produced from silicone, metal, wood, and plastic. Before you pick one out of these options, you should know that your choice of material defines everything about your pipe: texture, taste, quality, everything. Make sure to get a feel of each type before deciding on what you really want.


Size in this context roughly translates to convenience. If you want to bring your hand pipe to places or you simply don’t want to be seen carrying one, go for the smaller sizes. The smaller the pipe, the easier it is to manipulate and store.

Cleaning Method

Pipes are known to require regular maintenance as resins tend to get stuck within them. If you don’t clean your pipe often, the scent, flavour, and purity of the cannabis are likely to be affected. Due to this, you should strive to find a pipe that is easy to clean so as to rid you of unnecessary burdens.


Choose a pipe style that best fits your needs as a smoker. Look at the bowl sizes, for instance, and see how well each size delivers smoke. Also, find time to compare and contrast different pipe variations to find out which really complements your cannabis way of life.