Aside from the archetypal method of rolling dry herbs into joints, there are a lot of other ways to smoke cannabis. One prominent way is through the use of a pipe.

Pipes are smoking tools that are best for beginners as they are small, portable, and convenient. They also come in various types that could produce different levels of “hits”. You could experiment and find out which pipe suits you best.


Experienced smokers who want to achieve a massive hit could count on bongs to do the job. Bongs, being classified as water pipes, are especially designed to cool off smoke via water to produce a soothing effect.

This lets the user inhale the smoke without irritating the lungs and throat as much as other smoking methods do. As smoke is inhaled deeper into the lungs, the ground cannabis then gets to deliver greater psychoactive stimulation.

Aside from its gentle touch and piercing effects, the bong is also known for its artistic qualities. A bong is typically made of acrylic, ceramic, or glass that is decorated in styles patterned after its African or Portuguese origins.


Vaporizers are relatively modern instruments for “smoking” cannabis without actually producing smoke.

Otherwise known as vapes or e-cigarettes, vaporizers are designed to convert dried cannabis into vapour by heating the plant matter just below its combustion point (392°F). With no harmful smoke around, vaporization or “vaping” is generally considered to be a healthier alternative to typical smoking.

Pen, portable, and desktop/stationary vaporizers are the general types of vapes available in the market.


While each cannabis user has a preferred consumption ritual, there is always room to add something new to the experience! You don’t want to be behind in what’s in and new in the market, do you?

It’s a good thing that we at Go New Leaf understand your constant need to improve, and with that, we provide you with quality products that best fit your needs.