How to Properly Store Your Cannabis

Sheila Case
August 20, 2019 0 Comment

People who are new to the cannabis industry are still unaware of many things – some even to the point of not knowing what the plant looks like. How, then, are they supposed to know what cannabis should be kept out of?

This makes questions on storage arise during the first few uses, and if you’re a newbie who just came upon the realization that cannabis isn’t evergreen, then here are some basic information you’d want to know:

Don’t Expose it to Light

Your primary enemy when it comes to the degradation of cannabis is light. The plant’s main components, terpenes and cannabinoids, easily get burned up when exposed directly to ultraviolet rays and other light emissions. Without the plant’s distinct chemicals, cannabis would simply lose its identity.

To avoid your precious plant from going to waste, secure it inside opaque containers and store it somewhere cool and dark.

Store them in Air-Tight Containers

Oxygen affects cannabis in two main ways: (1) the higher the oxygen, the faster the degradation; (2) the lower the oxygen, the more that humidity is altered which eventually leads to the formation of moulds and mildews.

To protect your cannabis from oxygen and humidity, store them in air-tight jars or other similar materials that seal easily. You may opt for mason jars or ceramic containers but stay away from tin foil and plastic.

Keep Them in the Right Temperature

Extreme temperatures don’t work well with cannabis as well.

An environment that is too hot for the plant dries out terpenes, leaving it dry and awful-tasting. Freezing environments, on the other hand, could burst trichomes, making your plant lose potency. To address this issue, you could store your cannabis in a cabinet or room that is dark and moderately cool.

Cannabis is a very sensitive plant, so you want to make sure you follow these tips to keep it from losing its quality.