Cannabis Etiquette

Sheila Case
May 1, 2019 0 Comment

If you plan to give cannabis a try, you don’t want to enter such an immense community without being aware of its ‘do’s’ and ‘don’ts’ – you’re a part of a populace after all, and what you do (or do not do) has an effect on the world you’re partaking in.

That said, here are some social etiquette tips you want to keep in mind, especially during any social session:

Avoid Saying ‘Marijuana’ or ‘Weed’

Although there are a lot of widely used synonyms for cannabis, Lizzie Post, author of “Higher Etiquette”, asserts that getting rid of social stigma starts by using politically-correct terms. “Marijuana”, according to her, has already had many negative connotations attached to it; plus, it is not a scientific term. “Weed”, on another note, comes out as disrespectful to the people who think highly of the plant. To prevent conflict, you might as well use the preferred term: “cannabis”.

Don’t Be a Mooch

Don’t be someone who always receives but never gives. Cannabis is hardly ever free, so be a team player and pitch in every once in a while; otherwise, you might end up getting into serious trouble. Remember, smokers may come out as generally chill people, but they have limits too.

Follow the “Puff-Puff-Pass” System; Don’t “Bogart”

“Bogarting”, a term attributed to a user named Humphrey Bogart, refers to the act of letting a joint burn down to waste by not smoking it. This could happen due to many possible reasons, but the most common is when smokers get carried away with their stories and forget to pass the dutchie. To avoid this, just puff your share and pass the joint to the left-hand side to keep the rotation running smoothly.