Things to Consider When Buying a Cannabis Hand Pipe

Sheila Case
March 17, 2019 0 Comment

Life was never easy for beginners—even for cannabis newbies. What with the plethora of smoking methods and the different types under each, it would be like entering a labyrinth and not knowing where to go first!

Luckily, Go New Leaf has Cannabis Advisors on standby to give you direction upon telling them your needs and preferences. However, if you cannot physically see one or if you’d prefer to have a background check first, read on and get enlightened with a few useful tips to help you have a smooth and easy start.

The following are four main considerations that beginners – or even experienced smokers – should be aware of in order to find the perfect hand pipe:


Hand pipes are usually made of blown glass; however, they could also be produced from silicone, metal, wood, and plastic. Before you pick one out of these options, you should know that your choice of material defines everything about your pipe: texture, taste, quality, everything. Make sure to get a feel of each type before deciding on what you really want.


Size in this context roughly translates to convenience. If you want to bring your hand pipe to places or you simply don’t want to be seen carrying one, go for the smaller sizes. The smaller the pipe, the easier it is to manipulate and store.

Cleaning Method

Pipes are known to require regular maintenance as resins tend to get stuck within them. If you don’t clean your pipe often, the scent, flavour, and purity of the cannabis are likely to be affected. Due to this, you should strive to find a pipe that is easy to clean so as to rid you of unnecessary burdens.


Choose a pipe style that best fits your needs as a smoker. Look at the bowl sizes, for instance, and see how well each size delivers smoke. Also, find time to compare and contrast different pipe variations to find out which really complements your cannabis way of life.